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How it works

Set up office hours with our team to discuss how to get the most out of your 6 months

Educate yourself through TCN’s educational events

Network with a community of entrepreneurs going through the same challenges as you

Workshop your pitch in a small group setting

Pitch your company to our board of advisors for feedback

Connect with our network of investors and resources

What courses can you expect during your six-month membership?

Core Curriculum Lunches

Every month we have one to two lunch workshops. These programs are the core of our curriculum. Lunches are purposely kept smaller in size to give you the chance to ask questions. Topics are run on a rotating schedule, meaning no matter when you start you membership you will get all of the topics during your six month-membership to make sure you have the opportunity to get all of the information you need.

Roundtable Discussions

Aside from our lunches we will also host roundtable discussions, generally these are larger evening events on a broad topic of interest to the startup community. Examples of past roundtables are below. Check our calendar for the next roundtable topics.

Venture Fast Tracks

Full day and half day bootcamps run three times a year on the fundraising process. Every bootcamp includes a mentor lunch with investors and experts from the community.

Please note that TCN events and membership are open to entrepreneurs and investors only. Service providers of any type must join TCN as a Sponsor. Learn More Here.

Pay as You Go

Attend most events as a 'non-member entrepreneur'
$35/event (price varies)
  • Pay for courses as you go (excludes members only programs)
  • Online resources
  • Attend ALL Programs FREE
  •  Pitch Workshop
  • Practice Pitch Session w/advisory board
  • Office hours with TCN team
  • Discounts to partner events
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Become a vital part of TCN's community by bringing your expertise and/or services
  • FREE access for employees to all events*
  • Your logo on all marketing material
  • Be an expert educator at TCN programs
  • Connect with early stage entrepreneurs
  • Expand your professional network
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